Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My First Interview!!!!

Hey guys............

Well for those who are following my on twitter and here now that RAINN asked me to join their Speakers Bureau which i am now officially part of. Well i received an email from the speakers bureau saying that a reporter here in South Jersey wants to interview some survivors from this area. I was happy but also scared at first because this would be the first time i would be speaking out publically.

I had emailed the Megan from Speakers Bureau and told her that I would not mind doing it but if it could be through email in which i felt comfortable with. Well she emailed my info to the reporter and a few days later the reporter contacted me to let me know that doing the interview through email would be fine with her. But after talking with my sister who is also doing the interview with me since she also joined Speakers Bureau, WE decided to do the interview in person SOOOOOOOOOOOOO  this coming Saturday at 5:30pm after i get out of work both me and my sister will be doing the interview in person. I am finally comfortable with sharing my story in public with everyone and its going to be for National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Im happy that i am able to let go of this fear that i have. So what if certain i didn't want to know finds out about this. You know what I have been praying and asking God to help me find a way to tell others and my mother. Well maybe this will be the way to go about it.

Thank you to those who are supporting me through this process and to RAINN for allowing me to be part of your Speakers Bureau. I am grateful to have found a place like you and also to the Joyful Heart Foundation which was the first place i began to share my story with other survivors.

I will do another post after the interview and let you all know how it went. Thank you and i hope that after reading this those who haven't spoken out yet find encouragement and the strength to seek help.