Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wish I had my mom!!!!!

To those who have been keeping updated with my blog post and have read previous post from the beginning will know what I mean when I write this. I will say it again. I was molested by two family members. An uncle and my stepfather. My mom didn't believe me when I told her about my uncle molesting me so I never really tried telling her everything my stepfather had done to me. I tried telling her at one point about the looks he would give me but she said I was only saying that because of my sister who was also molested by our stepfather which my mother did not believe her as well which is one of my reasons I did not tell my mom about him. So anyway that's just a brief summary of what happened. 

So.......How many of you have every seen the movie Georgia Rule with Lindsey Lohan and Jane Fonda?Well I can surely relate to that movie and many of you can. Basically Lohan plays the role of a girl who was molested by her stepfather and her mother doesn't believe her at first. Lohan in the movie is this girl who tries to look for love in the wrong places and with older men because of what happened to her...........

Anyway the reason I bring up that movie is because both me and my sister can relate to that story since our mom did not want to believe us when we told her we were abused. In the movie at the end the mom and daughter reconcile because she finally realized that her daughter wasn't lying about what happened. 
So...................the reason why i titled this I wish I had my mom is because she still doesn't want to believe us or accept the fact that her husband is an abuser and she is still with him. I wish that I had a mom that would believe me and tell me that everything is going to be fine and that she will always be there. But I don't. It still bothers me as you can see that I do not have her support but at the same time, i have my sister, my brother in law and many friends and supporters by my side. And I thank each and everyone of you for having my back. I wish I had that but I know I will be ok.

To those who complain about your parents and such please I say to you do not mistreat them. Love them and listen to what they say. I never did anything wrong to her, but she is such in denial that its horrible. But anyways I am ok. No worries. I have been healing and even though I dont have her support I have yours. love you all. 

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