Friday, December 9, 2011

Open Eyes Open Arns

This is a website that i have shared my story on as well. They are an organization that helps victims. Please help and support them. Thank you.

Open Eyes Open Arms is a web-based non-profit organization formed to combat the issue of sexual and domestic violence young women face in our nation. We open our arms to the women these types of crimes affect, and open the eyes of the world to the many faces of victims of the abuse. We want to help women realize their own self-worth, as well as the importance of caring for their mind, body and soul. It is vital for the young women in our society to learn their worth, as this will empower them to overcome any obstacle in life. Open Eyes Open Arms is a safe haven for women to share, learn and grow; a place where they can be rest assured they are not alone. GIVE SOME HOLIDAY HOME. This Season Open Eyes Open Arms are raising money to purchase clothing and gift items, as well as to fund future projects for Open Eyes, Open Arms. At any trauma center, after a survivor goes through a rape exam they must surrender their clothing as evidence. This Christmas we will be raising money to purchase a variety of clothing in all sizes for survivors. We will also be purchasing comforting gifts, e.g. teddy bears, to give to survivors of all ages so they can leave the trauma center feeling they have something to hold on to. Please help provide this crucial support to victims. From a survivor herself, the President and Founder of Open Eyes Open Arms, just wants to give back what she has once received. You can check them out at or follow them on twitter @OpenEOpenA

This is a great site. Support them with me. Follow them on twitter and check out there website. Thank you for supporting them. If your supporting me through my blog, please i ask you to help them as well. Thank you. We need to stick together. Through Open Eyes and myself and all of you we can continue to spread the word and shed light to all other victims.

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