Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RAINN Speakers Bureau!!!!

Well i haven't really told any one to much about this because i was honestly debating if i should do it or not. RAINN has asked me to join their speakers bureau which consist of survivors sharing their stories and educating others about abuse. I truly want to do this. My biggest fear would be that they would want me to speak out publically. I honestly wouldn't mind speaking out publically or going places to speak out about my abuse. If that helps to bring more awareness then i am all for it. I want to continue to share my story with others. My other fear  is that people would look at me weird since i was only molested. I said this before and i will say this again. For a long time i felt that what i been through wasn't worth anything and that is wasn't or isn't worth telling the police because they wouldn't do anything. But i realized that is was something important and that i was something tragic that happened to me and it should be spoken about. So my thing is this. I am afraid that if i join the Speakers Bureau i will be asked to speak out in public. I honestly wouldnt mind doing it but not just yet. Im still preparing myself for the right time to speak out more. I wouldnt mind have my story in papers or magazines. I want to be part of Speakers Bureau and i am thankful and honored that RAINN has asked to join and i will continue to share my story with them and with everyone. I want to do this. I know i can reach out to more people and bring more healing and awareness.


  1. Tara, whenever you are ready, you will be an amazing speaker and representative for those who have endured sexual abuse.

    I know it's hard not to minimize your molestation (I'm beginning to realize the whole minimization thing is something we're all prone to on some level!), but please hear me when I say that your story matters. Molestation is a BIG deal, an evil force that needs to be reckoned with. Even if our inadequate legal system were to pass it off as "no big deal" it wouldn't change the fact that it IS a BIG deal.

    I totally understand the anxiety and stress about verbally speaking in front of others about such personal matters. I'm not even at a point yet where I can verbalize my story in therapy, much less in front a room of people. It is such an honor that RAINN has asked you act as a spokesperson on the behalf of other survivors; I am confident that you will continue to heal and reach your goal of speaking out publicly.

    Already, through your blog, you are increasing awareness that this issue is a big deal and deserves to be heard - it takes strong people like you to make changes in how these cases are handled legally and perceived by the public at large.

    Congratulations on this honor, and wishing you the best as you prepare for the right time to start verbally speaking out publicly. You will know when you are ready! xx

  2. Thank you. I am ready to speak out publically to it but not to my mother. She didn't believe my sister when she told her our stepfather molested her so i know she wouldn't believe me. But i do want to continue to share my story to the world and continue to spread awareness. I will join the Speakers Bureau for RAINN. It is an honor to do that. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate the support.