Thursday, June 2, 2011

how i broke my silence

well as you all know i was molested when i was younger by two family members they would bribe me not to say anything. and it did work. i was so scared that if i said anything i would get in trouble. in some ways they made me feel special and now that i look back at it i feel so ashamed and disgusted i let it happen. but after years of keeping in side it really affected me for years. i was so emotional and couldnt sleep well. i was feeling depressed and wanted to hurt myself. i couldnt take it any more. and this was going on for the past ten years. it wasnt until i came across the joyful heart foundation on facebook and met survivors who helped me and encouraged me to speak out about what happened to me. so my point to this is that dont let anyone silence you with anything. ways they can silence you is by bribing you, telling you that your special, telling you that if you say some thing they will harm someone you know or yourself. these are just a few things. dont let them silence you. no one has that right. so speak out. find someone you trust that will help you. i found the joyful heart foundation. theres plenty of centers and people you can speak to. i broke me silence after ten years, how long will it take you before you will. dont deal with all the pain alone. your not alone and im here for anyone.

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  1. i love your courageous, kind, giving heart ;O)