Friday, July 1, 2011

Why is it hard to accept being in a safe place?

Why is it hard to accept being in a safe place is a question that most victims have a hard time answering. Not to sound harsh or anything especially being a victim of molestation myself but most victims get use to the abuse and when the time come to seek justice and be saved from it, it becomes difficult to actually stand up and go away and get the protection you need. Forgive  me if im wrong but for me I find it hard to move out aftering growing up with the one who abused me. I just moved out and i know i am safe here but at times it feels weird to actually be away. I am not used to having a safe home and having support from people who actually believe me and want to help me. Im grateful that I had the courage and strength to stand up and get away. But it took me til now to move out and im 23. Its hard to break out of that situation especially when you dont have the support from your mom if the one who is harming you is your father or stepfather. In my situation it was my stepfather who hurt me and my mom never did anything about it or believed it. Even though i had said in previous post that i never told my mom well honestly i havent told her fully about everything that had happened. I tried at one point to say something but she just shut me up and turned away and stuck by her man. Some my say that mothers will aways have their children side but that is not true. That is part of the reason to why its hard to accept a safe home because our mothers are suppose to protect us from harm and not allow danger to come near us. But in my case it didnt happen. My mom stuck by her man and til this day she is still with him. And i posted previous i never had the courage to seek justice. Since i was in the state of connecticut according to a link i found on the statute of limitations residents of that state has until their 48th birthday to report the abuse. So i still have time if i really wanted to. But like i posted before the way i sought justice was by moving out and not allowing that man to have control of my life. So i now have accepted my safe home which is at my sisters home. I feel place and my mind is at ease. I have been able to sleep better and the emotions nor flashbacks have not bothered me since i been here. So i encourage those who have read my blog or are interested in my blog who struggle with this issue please accept being in a safe place. No one can cause you harm. You will feel the freedom. You will be able to live in peace and not have to worry about someone walking into your room in the middle of the night. Trust me.

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