Saturday, April 30, 2011

Again i will say that i wont let what happened to me define who i am and who i will be in the future. Im not ashamed to say any more that im a survivor of sexual assault. What happen was bad and i deserve to get the healing i need and to get to a place where i can say i was molested and not let the emotions and the pain from that consume me and take control over my life. I have let it for a while take control but not any more. I thank god i have friends who support me and want to help me and want me to get better. Even though at times i feel weak and want to give up i some how find a little strength to hold on a bit longer. Thats all we need to do. Is just hold on just a bit longer and we can make it out of this. i believe that i am stronger every day i choose to speak out and not remain silent. i will become stronger and stronger.

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