Tuesday, April 5, 2011

mariska hargitay

Mariska is an advocate for sexual assault victims. She is the founder and president of the joyful heart foundation which is to empower women of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. She is known for her character olivia benson on law and order svu. She is my inspiration and role model. She is such a generous person. Very humble and caring. She is truly involved with her foundation. She is not just a face on a cause but embraces it. I think she is someone who should be admire during this month of april and just in general. She is truly compassionate about what she does. She has such a huge heart and i as a victim of sexual assault is truly grateful for her action in empowering women. Please follow her on twitter and the joyful heart foundation. Help her and the foundation end the backlog on untested rape kits. Get involved in her foundation. I have nothing to do with that. Im just a voice sharing information and helping to end the silence and help those to speak out.

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