Friday, November 4, 2011

Helping others speak out.....

Hey guys you all have read how i was abused. I have written before that my abuse had started around the ages of 10 and 13 but the truth is that t started happening before. I DID NOT LIE!!! I just blocked it out because i didn't want to admit to myself that the abuse was occurring for a while. I wanted it to be a one time thing and that's it. But in reality its not a one time thing. The abuse occurred on and off since maybe around 8 or 9. So its not that much sooner than what i had said but it did happen earlier. I hated that i went through this. But again i say that if i did not experience all these bad things, I wouldn't be as strong as i am now. I am stronger not only because i am a survivor but because i am using my voice and i am shedding light to an issue that doesn't seem to be talked about to often. Keeping silent is a choice most victims do but at the same time by speaking it you can help others come forward and help them seek justice. You have so much support and i am here for you. Please join and speak out against silence

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