Wednesday, November 23, 2011

If i could turn back time......But if i did..........

If i could turn back time i would go back to the time that i was molested and erase it. I hate the fact that i was molested. I hate that i still go through the emotions. I hate triggers. I cant stand feeling this way. I hate having dreams about the abuse. I hate constantly seeing his face in my head.


If i did turn back time and erase what happened to me i wouldnt be as strong as i am today. Im not saying that you have to go through something like this or worse to make you stronger but i always thought that if you do experience things like this and get through it, it shows you that you are strong and you survived. You can survive anything. Yes its hard to overcome what you are going through but that doesnt mean you will never get through. You can still make the most of your life. It may not be the way it used to be but you can still continue on. The way i am healing and over coming my abuse is by talking more about it and using my voice to help spread the word on silence of abuse and trying to help others seek help and justice. I stand up for justice and for speaking out. WE can use our voices together to help end this silence of abuse. By using my voice i know that i can help someone overcome their abuse and/or seek help. You can do the same. Just take baby steps. Find someone you fully trust and talk to them about what happen. Then later on find support groups online like The Joyful Heart foundation by Mariska Hargitay and RAINN which has been helping me. I found other survivors who have been very supportive. You can do the same. Maybe even start your own blog. You can heal from this. Whatever it is your going through you can overcome it. Trust me. You will overcome it. It takes time but you are not alone.

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