Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why do you think people prefer silence over speaking out...........

The reason i started this project and asking this question is because SILENCE! is a huge topic that is going on and there are many who are silent for many reason. I have asked this question and i have receive several answers. You will be surprised at the answers and how many people feel the same way about remaining silent.


because their scared and feel lonely and blame them selfs even though they had no control of it and people not believing them
- Don't wanna be looked down on. Or someone judging me, or saying it wasn't really abuse, compared to what others go thru...
-Hi Tara, I am a survivor that stayed quiet for almost 8 years. I really encourage others to speak out because my silence was a very lonely place. I have actually put my story out for others to read. My hope is that it might help at least one person break their silence. Also finding the strength to speak out may result in justice. I dont think any survivor would regret coming forward knowing justice was served. :)
- Because of shame, guilt and not being believed. It's also very scary to come forward. I only "managed" thx to  . Love, C
-don't think its better I just think shame, abusers control, u want 2 forget it happened...u can 4awhile but it will come back up then I had 2 speak up b/c a dear friend came forward for me and no one believed me!
-Hey Tara I think that many people remain silent because the reality is it is very hard to come forward. A lot of people don't want to hear it, they just stick their heads in the sand. Its is very sad, sometimes things can go very bad for someone when they first expose the abuse. But on a personal note, I would not change coming forward at all. I became a pariah amongst most of my family. But I felt like I had to keep moving forward. I owe it to my self. Keeping a secret like this festers away. I am worth more. 
-I prefer silence because nobody can judge my opinions. Its keeping things inside my head. It's easier to focus sometimes with silence. 

So the point of this project was to see how many people actually feels ashamed of their abuse. For a long time i was ashamed of what happened to me. I felt like it was my fault. I felt like i did something to make them hurt me. But WE DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!! WE DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS. ITS NOT OUR FAULT THAT THOSE PEOPLE ARE SICK AND WOULD WANT TO HURT CHILDREN AND WOMEN. We are survivors. We should stand strong by each others side. I have found so much support through the JOYFUL HEART FOUNDATION BY MARISKA HARGITAY AND ALSO THROUGH RAINN. The people that helped me speak out were from the Joyful Heart. I found other survivors that supported me and encourage me to speak out. I may have not sought justice but i know i am safe because i moved out my house in which i was abused. He can no longer have control of me. Thats the beauty of speaking out. Your abusers can no longer control you. By staying silent its like allowing them to have control of your life. YOU CAN BREAK THAT CHAIN. YOU CAN BE SET FREE. SPEAK OUT WHEN YOUR READY TO SPEAK OUT. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT NOW BUT WHEN YOUR READY YOU WILL HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE STANDING BEHIND YOU AND GIVING YOU THE SUPPORT THAT YOU NEED. I am here for you all. Don't make the mistake i made and not seeking justice. Thank God he is still with my mother because there are no more children being hurt. But if you have people who are supporting you and actually believe you then go on and SPEAK OUT. NO MORE VICTIMS NO LONGER SILENT. WE ARE BREAKING THAT CYCLE RIGHT NOW!!!! NO LONGER ALLOWING OUR ABUSERS HAVE CONTROL. 

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