Monday, November 14, 2011

Lets End The Silence of Sexual Abuse!!!!!!!

Lets end the silence of sexual abuse in this world. We as survivors should stand strong together and use our voices to share our stories and break the silence of our abuse and the abuse of others. I have chosen to be a voice to those who are in need of one and need courage to come up and speak out. We all should stand strong and fight this endless fight. This topic should not be taken lightly. I believe there are so many people who want to come forward but are too afraid to because of what people may think of them. No matter what anyone says, it is not our faults that this happen. We did nothing wrong nor did we provoke our abusers to attack us in that way. It doesnt matter how we dress or how we act. It doesn't have to be that way. We should be able to act how we want and dress how we like to dress without having someone trying to take advantage of us. Why is it that most victims are to blame? Its because of the outfits we choose to wear. Yes we do have the freedom to wear what we like and everything. It shouldnt make a difference but for me since i was already molested twice i do not wear anything that isnt appropriate. We should use of voices to end this abuse. To end the silence of so many people. We are not alone. If we all come together we all can make a difference. Even if we help one person speak out, it still counts for something. So lets start something all together. Lets stand strong!!!! Lets fight against the silence!!!!! Lets use our voices and shed light on the issues of silence. We can and we will do this. NO MORE VICTIMS!!!!! NO MORE SILENCE!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. LETS NOT LET OUR ABUSERS KEEP CONTROL OF US. WE SURVIVED. WE ARE STRONG. WE LIVED!!!!!!


  1. Stay strong! You're so admirable to put yourself up there and say such strong words. I support you all the way (as a survivor too). <3

  2. Thanks honey. I truly appreciate that. And no problem I will continue to speak out and be strong. :) take care and im here if you need encouragements. We are strong. We are here for each other.