Friday, November 18, 2011

Katie' story.

It was 8th grade. I was in our church school. Bullied by our pastor's two boys for two years straight. Name-calling, demeaning, made me feel like a fool, would never amount to anything.... I silently broke down. Cried every day, went to school, put up with the abuse, went home, crying from the pain... I started cutting to deal with all the pain.. stop doing my school work, figured I was a loser anyway, especially since I was told that daily. Abused when it came to P.E. Well, my mom finally found out, & we spoke out, made it worse... People who knew nothing about it, picked sides and blamed me... Was still depressed. Set my record for high school. Went to a different school, same stuff happened... I continued to cut, and hurt myself in other ways, fell way behind in school... Just didn't care.... Tried to take my life several times... Went to therapy... Started getting better. Doing a lot better now, but still have my hard days.


  1. If you need a friend as well here is her twitter account name you can follow her @KatieLuvsReba

  2. Stay strong and take gentle care Tara!

  3. Thanks honey. I will. This is someone elses story but thanks :)Through my blog i hope to help others speak out and us our voices.