Friday, May 6, 2011


Even though i might have said before that regret speaking out about what happened to me but now i realized that i can save someone in some ways by sharing my story. And I have to thank Mariska and the show law and order svu for helping me and giving me the courage to speak out for the first time in 10yrs. But the thing is that someone has told me i saved their life by talking to them and helping them realize that its not their fault that these things happen to us no matter how it happen or how many times it happens. Just knowing that made me so happy and its an incredible feeling. Ive alway loved to help people but i never knew that by being a survivor of sexual assault that would be the way i would be helping. So i plan on going to school to become a counselor for women like ourselves. And im choosing to be an advocate if possible and choosing to continue to use my voice to help stop the silence. I know its hard to speak out for the first time but i do guarantee it does get better. Take that first step.

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  1. you are doing a great job and you have such a loving heart ;O)