Saturday, May 21, 2011

its not your fault. dont blame yourself

No matter how many times things happen to you no matter how you grow up you do not deserve to be abused whether its physical, mental, verbal or sexual abuse. In my case i have been verbally abused and sexual abuse. I do not blame myself because i was a child and i did nothing wrong. No child, teen nor women deserves to be hurt. No matter what others say its not your fault. Even if the abuse continues its not your fault. Its normal to be scared and you may not want to fight back because your afraid they will hurt you even worse. Its normal to feel that why. Your not alone in this. So many people are in that same category. Hang in there. Seek help if possible. Find someone who you trust who you know will believe you and not blame you. I dont blame you and i know its not your fault. We didnt ask for this regardless of how we act or dress. Its not your fault. Im here for anyone. Im here to encourage you to speak out.

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  1. thanks pretty girl. i needed to hear this today. you know, i think as survivors that's one of the hardest things to accept... that it's not our fault. i still struggle with this at times. you know, it's hard when you start questioning, "why me? what did i do?" that is taking on the attacker's shame and responsibility, and yet, i think we all go through this. love you ;o)