Monday, May 16, 2011

family tree pt 2.

I had already written about my family tree. Again i say even though my family tree consists of several types of abuse i will not let that define who i am. I stop it now with me. As a survivor of sexual molestation it is so easy to fall into an abusive relationship without realizing it. We become so used to the abuse that we feel like thats all we deserve. But its not. We deserve to be healed. We deserve to have a life thats happy and beautiful. Each day we should be able to gain back that part of us that was taken. So regardless of our families or our past we shouldnt allow that to define us. We can end it right now. Speak out the same way you would if your a survivor. Enough is enough. We dont need to continue down that same road. It may be hard to get out of but if your willing to take that step you must be willing to risk everything. Does this make sense? I hope so.

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  1. you are absolutely right, sweetie. and, i think given where you live, you are an incredibly strong, beautiful, courageous soul to be able to claim your life now and for the future. you know you have all my love and support. xoxo