Monday, May 16, 2011

As survivors certain environments or situations may not be healthy for us whether you have fully healed or not. As a christian the enemy will try everything possible to bring up all the emotions and stir up trouble wherever you are. Even as non christians its the same thing. Certain places or people or even shows can trigger those thoughts and emotions and flashbacks. As much as we try or as much as we have healed its still going to affect us BUT thats only if we allow them to. We are no longer victim from that moment we chose to speak out and do something about even if you didnt do anything about were still no longer victims. By continueing to allow those emotions and flashbacks consume us were allowing ourselves to be victimized. Enough is enough.Even though i still struggle at times but im still fighting every day and saying no more. Its over.

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  1. we all have trouble from time to time with flashbacks and debilitating memories. the victory is to pick up and keep moving forward, even with the smallest steps; just keep moving forward.