Thursday, May 26, 2011

effects of bottled up emotions

keeping emotions bottled up is not healthy for us. i learned from experience. like i said it took me ten years before i started speaking out about my abuse. i kept it buried away. it wasnt until i found the joyful heart foundation on facebook where i met other like me who helped me to speak out more. anyway after i started speaking out my emotions went crazy. everything that i held inside just came out all at once. i lost sleep. i was crying myself to sleep. i couldnt control how i felt. it affected my way of thinking. i was always giving myself this pity party that its my fault. or that maybe i was dreaming all of this. but it was real. so my point in this is that try not to keep your emotions bottled up. its not good for you. it just gets worse over time. ever since i was younger i never learned how to control my emotion because i was always told to suck it up. im just learning now. its hard but its worth it to be happy in the end.

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  1. you and i have talked about this a lot in the recent past ;O) like you, i held everything in, hidden so deep that when it all came up it was like a volcano erupting out of control. every day felt like a swirling black hole of emotional turmoil. thankfully, once you get past that initial overflow, things start to slow down a little and you can get a better perspective on your feelings. that doesn't mean there will never be another overwhelmingly emotional period, but you will be more equipped to deal with it. it takes a lot of courage to continue wading through the erupting emotions, but you've done it and you build more strength with every step. love you ladybug :O)