Wednesday, May 11, 2011

pleasing myself

I just realized that its time to finally please myself and stop pleasing others. Maybe it has to do with what i been through. But every since i was younger i always felt that i had to please others just to get approval and have someone like me or just want to be with me or near me. I would try so hard to please and please and please. But in the end i was never happy but end up exhausted. So from now on i will start doing thing that will make me happy which is actually helping people. You make think im contradicting myself but im not. Theres a differences when you want to help others and pleasing others. Pleasing someone is when your trying your hardest to do whatever for their approval. Helping someone you do because it makes you happy. So its a huge difference. But thats why im now choosing to do things that make me happy instead of the other way around.

1 comment:

  1. i think you are taking some big steps towards a healthier, stronger, happier for future. when i first met you, you were so stuck because you felt like you couldn't start building this new life for yourself until you had your own place. i am so grateful that you have realized you can start now. you can take hold of yourself despite your surroundings. you're blooming into the most beautiful of flowers and the whole world sees it! love you baby girl ;O)