Monday, May 23, 2011

this is me

Here is my full story. It may be in two parts since im working through my cell phone. Here we go. I grew up in a home where i was always being told to get over it or suck it up. Everytime i was upset about something that happen and went to my mom she would tell me to get over it. So by that i was always holding in my emotions. I was hit a few times when i was younger. Ive been involved with the department of child and family services. It was very hard. Thats why now i hide my emotions. So when i was around 10 or so my uncle molested me. it went on for a while. it was hard to say anything. when i was around 14 my stepdad molested me too. it was worse than the first.he pinned me against the wall and moved his body back and forth on me. When i was in 7th grade i was so depressed that i told a teacher that i wanted to kill myself. She called the school therapist or social worker and they called my parents. When i got home my mom was so upset she yelled at me.

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  1. it makes my heart break to know that no one believed you. i can't imagine the heartache, the fear, the pain. but, i am grateful to God that you have found your voice and you are healing each moment of every day ;O) Love you.