Wednesday, May 25, 2011

being supportive

There as so many organizations that are empowering women of sexual abuse child abuse and domestic violence like the joyful heart foundation, rainn, pixel project, national sexual violence resource center (nsvrc) i believe thats what its called and many more. You can find them on twitter. i support them because i am a survivor of childhood molestation and i just started speaking out. i may not have alot of people reading my blog but if you do please follow them on twitter and help them help survivors in ending the backlog of untested rape kits. they are doing an amazing job and i thank God theres communities like these that help women. I thank the joyful heart because i met survivors online who helped me and encouraged me to speak out and end the silence on abuse. Although i never took it further or anything im still thankful to have support. So please help those organizations.

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  1. amen! i find more and more support everyday in the survivors' community through these wonderful organizations, and i hope by helping to spread their words through social media and conversations with others that this entire conversation will be completely illuminated and that domestic violence/child abuse/sexual assault will be eradicated.