Tuesday, May 17, 2011

who will believe you?

I really hate how some moms say that the day they ever find out that their husband has sexual abused their children they will leave them. But when it actually does happen how many of them keep their word. Maybe half of them. Well in my case she didnt. She refuses to believe her husband is capable of doing such a thing. The first time i was molested she did believe me. But since someone else came out and accused my stepdad about it she didnt believe it so therefore i never told her about when he abused me. So at that point you think to yourself well if she wont believe me then who will. Thank GOD i have friends from my church who believe me and support me as well as the groups ive joined online. So i tell you this i believe you. Im here for you. I know what it feels like to not have that one person who is suppose to protect you not believe you. Keep speaking out because you will find someone who does believe you and will support you. I believe you. I believe. I know how it feels. I know and I believe.

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  1. you heart is beautiful and loving and strong. i believe you; i will never doubt you. xo