Friday, May 27, 2011

our little secret

We both walk around as if nothing happen as if you didnt do anything to me. As i look in the eyes of my abuser who i call my stepdad and he looks at me, his eyes seem to tell me a story. Its our little secret. No one will ever know. No one will believe you. And he smiles. Fear grows inside me and disgust just runs through my veins. I cringe at the sight at him. Why does he have to be like that? Why cant i do anything else to stop him? Those were the questions that ran through my mind after the abuse had occur. But he doesnt know that i have broken the silence and the vow of that secret. He will no longer have control of me. He can look me in the eye and think that no ones know but hes wrong. Thats my little secret. No more silence. Original poem i just came up with.


  1. secrets are usually about darkness, and you are shining a beautiful, courageous, faithful, loving light on secrets that should not be allowed to darken your heart ;O)

  2. thank you so much. :) i love for the jhf to post this :))

  3. Well done you!
    We refuse silence-pass it on-{}{}{}{}{}{}
    What a shock they will get one day.
    We hear you. x

  4. As a #Survivor I understand totally. Mine was my 'male parent',thankyou :)


  5. You are brave, Tara ! Beautiful and strong ! You are moving mountains for other children.

    We walk together in this new place of hope !

  6. Thank you Celeste :) That means alot to me that you are supporting me and my blog. God bless you.