Monday, May 23, 2011

this is me pt 2

Im continueing from my last post. Anyway we i had to go to therapy for about two months. It really didnt help much but i manage to get out of it. So once i got to high school i was still feeling depressed. I put myself on a no food diet. Which didnt work really. Now i just barely eat or dont eat healthy. Anyway it was pretty hard. I way in and out of the guidance office reason being was because i had some much bottled up that i needed to tell someone. After high school i took a year off because deciding if i wanted to go to college. My second job that i had was pretty good. But i was still feeling depressed. I started cutting myself then. I dont know why i did it but at the time it was convenient. But after a while i stopped. Now i say that after i joined the joyful heart foundation facebook page i met survivors who helped me and gave me courage to speak out and to continue to share my story of sexual abuse. And also i thank Mariska hargitay for her role as det. Benson on svu who helped me speak out.

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  1. i am so thankful that you have let go of some really self-defeating and harmful ways to cope. i think opening up your heart and soul is not only a beautiful thing, but it is a courageous and inspirational thing. you are shedding light by drawing the conversation out of the dark, and i love you more every day for it! ;O)